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Who is who

Since 1994 Pulsed technologies ltd. has been the world’s premier designer and manufacturer of high voltage pulsed power and x-ray components and systems. We offer a wide range of plasma switches, vacuum tubes, high voltage power supplies and systems for the most demanding applications, including energy harvesting, industry, defense, health care and security.

Pulsed technologies ltd.

Yablochkova 5, Ryazan, 390023, Russia, tel +7-4912-240519, fax +7-4912-249217


May 2014

Our distributing agentHVPproducts GmbH participates in a World Venue Power Electronics/Intelligent Motion/Renewable Energy/Energy Management PCIM (Power Conversion Intelligent Motion) 2014 with our newest products.

October 2013

New distribution partner in France, UK, Spain, Purtugal and Italy - ITHPP-Alcen in cooperation with PULSE MC2 for successful marketing of our switching components and power supplies.

June 2013

Pulsed technologies ltd. is now registered in NATO Codification System(NCS)with NCAGE code AD58F.

New products

April 2013

...Pulsed technologies ltd. have recently designed several new high-peak-current hydrogen thyratrons with thermionic cathode for average current up to 10 Amperes and anode voltage up to 50 kilovolts - TGI2-10k/50 and anode voltage up to 75 kilovolts with average current up to 3 Amperes – TGI1-5k/75.

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